Work, baby, toddler and ‘me time’ ,the ultimate “Juggle”!

Being a mommy of two very energetic girls under the age of 4 has taught me one very important lesson and that is to appreciate yourself. You are doing the best you can with the knowledge you have (seeing that kids do not come with an instruction manual) and having to try and get some me time in there is difficult.

After my shift at work I prepare myself for the next shift at home. I am not a single parent and my husband is the best co-parent, but there is just some things mommies do better according to the kids and this leads to a very busy evening schedule. Sometimes its civil and then other times it crashes with a whiney toddler that does not want to get dressed for bedtime and an 11 month old baby crying everytime she can’t see me! The evening ending in me having to forcefully dress the toddler while the baby sits in my lap and then falling asleep with the toddler, having eaten no dinner let alone had time to take a shower. This is the reality for many mommies.

But I think I have figured it out. It takes TIME and ACCEPTANCE. Acceptance that you will not have me time every day. But giving yourself a break and giving it time to settle will allow you to relax and realize this is not to be for the rest of your life. Once that sinks in you will find your mind clearing and ideas to make more time for yourself will appear. Guilt free me time is most likely the biggest goal to all mommies out there. I can say it is attainable but accepting that there might be days it won’t be possible is the most important mind change.

My me time was born in the form of expressing my thoughts and experiences on my blog. In doing so I open my mind and hopefully help other mommies in finding a way to make the “Juggle” possible. For I have found mine.